UC Davis Chancellor's Fellow

UC Davis Chancellor's Fellow

I am an evolutionary geneticist at the University of California-Davis. My research evaluates the origin and maintenance of sexual dimorphism.


During my Ph.D. I studied the role of sexual imprinting on reproductive isolation between two closely related species of Peromyscus mice (P. leucopus and P. gossypinus). I found that learned mating preferences have a profound affect on preventing hybridization in this species pair.

My postdoctoral research focuses on how sexual dimorphism evolves at the molecular level. I am interested in what developmental-genetic regulatory mechanisms enable sex-biased (or sex-limited gene expression), and have transitioned to working with Drosophila

Since joining UC Davis, I have also co-founded a Women in Life Sciences at Davis (WiLD) group. I have organized and led sessions for WiLD, which draws students, postdocs, faculty, and staff of all genders from multiple departments. Our monthly meetings and workshops focus on improving diversity in academia. Check out our website!

When not in lab, I like to run, play clawhammer banjo, and drink IPAs.

You can reach me at: ekdelaney 'at' ucdavis.edu